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Shiatsu means finger pressure, it is a japanese massage art
rooted in the practice of the Chinese Traditionnal Medecine

This therapy involve pressure with thumbs, hands’ palm, elbows, knees and feet on tissues as well as energetic paths called Meridians.
It comprise joints rotations
, stretching limbs, kneading muscles and percusive techniques on skin.

What are shiatsu benefits ?
Shiatsu provides calm and energetic state. It helps to retrieve from overall fatigue and stress.
It releases tensions from muscles, nerves, tendons. It relieves from back pains, head aches…
It helps recovering after a decease or an accident.
It improves overall body’s balance and increases mobility.
It helps getting better sleep.
It prevents from bore and burn-out.
It allows better concentration, communication and creativity.
It centers yourself, keeps anxiety away. It allows to feel yourself better and emotions to stabilize.
It provides care during pregnancy and menopause

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